i Cryptic Crossword 1538 Nitsy

January 14, 2016

A bit of a trickier puzzle from Nitsy, with one or two obscurities. A Norse goddess, and an ornithological term that has eluded me until today, for starters, and MAN for DOG in 3ac. Am I the only person fed up of seeing ELIA for LAMB? Solving time just above par for the i, last in 13ac & 14d.

COD? 4d – ‘Head to toe in armour, ten possibly creating trouble (7)’.

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3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1538 Nitsy”

  1. Cornick said

    I don’t much like Lam or Ide, and Hel is only slightly better so, along with San and a few others, I would rather they stayed on the barred side of the fence to avoid putting off new solvers.

  2. AndyT said

    18d got a tick from me, actually, because it was one of the more inventive uses of Elia I can recall seeing. Shame the set up clue 20ac was so weak. I agree with Cornick that this general level of obscurantism properly belongs in barred puzzles … American spellings most certainly do.

  3. Lozzie said

    Having convinced myself that 10A was WATERING TROUGHS it took me a while to work out the correct answer, but then found the rest of it slotted nicely into place. (I can’t help but look at the longest answers first). The actual answer (COCKTAIL LOUNGES) leaves me somewhat …sober. Also unimpressed by dog=man in 3A. Liked 21A, even though the letters PLAN were repeated from the clue.

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