i Cryptic Crossword 1498 Nestor

November 27, 2015

A generally satisfying puzzle today with some clever wordplay. I needed some help as I am not familiar with all the works of G Orwell  nor had I come across Colossians before but the word play made the answers clear after checking on Wikipedia.

I always seem to have at least one quibble with Nestors puzzles though and this week its 2d I can’t find any reference to Off Colour meaning Naughty and the word play makes no sense to me at all. There are though plenty of good clues and my COD is

5d   Not romantic or as animated in film (7)

The 2011 blog and solutions are here




7 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1498 Nestor”

  1. jonofwales said

    Yes, the definition at 2d threw me as well. Only really struggled with 26ac, which took a while at the end. A nice crossword to end the working week.

  2. Lizard said

    I think an ‘off-colour’ joke is a naughty joke!

  3. AndyT said

    Pretty happy with this one, except for the unclued final “s” at the end of 11ac – arguably. Bad form, really.

    “Col” being the usual abbreviation for 11ac, I parsed 2d as “col” in “of four” (from a young age), which is well on the way to being tenuous in my opinion. I’ve come across “off-colour” to describe a joke in dubious taste or inappropriate for an audience … like reciting Cornick’s Titian limerick at a bible study group, say. 🙂

    • Cornick said

      If, as I dearly hope, you’ve committed said limerick to memory, Andy , my Dear Mama would be thrilled, for it’s her favourite and it was at her knee that I learned it.
      Good puzzle. 26a was clever and 11a had the look of a typo – it would have been easy enough to have written the clue as ‘conservatives’.

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