i Cryptic Crossword 1484 Dac

November 11, 2015

Nb. This week’s post is a particularly bad one. You have been warned.

The best that can be said of the Hon. Hugo Waxington is that he is an infrequent visitor. Yesterday afternoon my luck was out, and it was my turn to play host to the loud-mouthed blister. Lately it seems that he has taken to wearing purple dungarees, styles himself “Whacko” and has affected an excruciating Mockney accent. After an unsuccesful attempt to persuade me to invest in his latest venture (an eatery in Shoreditch which specialises in the bowl of Angel Delight with a Curly Wurly stuck in it at a tenner a serving – a potential goldmine, he says), conversation turned to some of my forebears. It’s not widely known, but my clan has produced a handful of reputable scientists and mathematicians. “Crikey Alan” he said (I have no idea why he calls me Alan), “I’d always assumed that your lot were all frightful thickos like you, but it sounds like there ain’t ‘alf been some clever Batardes”. “There’s no need to add insult to Ian Dury” I replied, coldly.

Ahem. Writing the Wednesday blog may seem like a plum job, but it’s not so easy to find anything new to say when confronted with Dac’s consistently excellent puzzles, believe you me. Never a cause for complaint, and the only problem is choosing a clue of the day from an appetising selection. The North East corner remained obscure for a while today (a touch of fog on the Tyne, perhaps? Sorry, this is supposed to be the serious bit). 6d is strictly speaking obsolete now, good as it is, but the hold up was more to do with 14ac, a sneaky little number. 9ac got a particularly emphatic tick. My COD is the elegant 20ac:

“Airline company worked during state occasion in France (8,3)”

The Fifteensquared blog from February 2011 is similarly appreciative:



2 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1484 Dac”

  1. jonofwales said

    Many thanks for the blog! 🙂 Fairly straightforward today, though as usual for Dac too many good clues to pick from. It’s a pity about 6d, because it was v devious. I suppose the coalition was always going to be a gift to setters.

  2. Cornick said

    Was only just discussing the appearance of Audley Harrison in a Shoreditch eatery at the weekend. Par for the course?

    14a my LOI also. Your COD 20a only pipped (for me) by the natty little Tunisian number at 17a.
    Always assuming Virgilius is no longer on the books, today and yesterday afforded an opportunity to compare and contrast my two favourite setters treatment of the same word, 22a. Punk had (lest we forget) ‘I try to follow code, discarding fish’.

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