Theme, what theme? Oh, cats and dogs, which is timely, as it’s been hammering down all morning. Inventive and interesting to solve, even if you did miss the theme, as is always the case with Morph. 24d completely baffled me, after I’d cheated to complete the crossword, ignorant as I was of the answer or the theme. Best puzzle of the week?

COD? Amongst many good ones, 11ac – ‘EMI involved with remixed hip-hop from east London, where soft rock went down badly? (7)’.

I had loads of questions regarding the wordplay at the end, that I could perhaps have sorted out myself, but it was quicker to nip over to Fifteensquared. ๐Ÿ™‚

A nice mix of easy and harder clues today, with one or two I needed Fifteensquared to explain. Was I the only person tempted for an age by PRESSING for 25ac, despite the impossibility then of 23d?

Biggest groan of the day goes to 14d. COD to 5d – ‘Leave work experience? (7,7)’.

September 2010 today:

Another enjoyable, not too difficult puzzle from Dac. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of lovely clues, including 16d and 18d, but I’m nominating 5d for COD – ‘Paris Hilton’s excited about latest of love affairs (13)’.

November 2010 already? Yikes, almost Christmas.

An enjoyable, pretty straightforward puzzle from Raich, with a little theme going on, for those who spotted it, of pairs. Pair of 1ac, 30ac, etc. Not that I did notice.

Many good clues, but I’m nominating 16ac as my COD – ‘Very French move with sex in mind giving offence (8)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

A nice straightforward puzzle to start the week. No doubt 19ac will have raised some eyebrows, and I’ve no idea how ‘good’ might be pronounced north of the border, so I’ll have to take Quixote’s word for it, but it was perfectly solvable with a few checking letters.

COD? Nothing really jumps out, but I’ll go with 20ac – ‘Time to get confident, striking out (7)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

Saturday 1st August 2015

Original blog here :

About two and a half years ago, when the i cost 20p and I’d only just discovered idothei, Phi had a puzzle with ‘Insect repellent’ in column 8 and two insects ‘honey bee’ and ‘ladybird’ filling the unches in columns 1 and 15. That’s still one of my favourite ever Ninas, and last Saturday’s was of a kind, with ‘Play hard to get’ , ‘Equus’ and ‘Yerma’ in similar positions. Not that Yerma is anything but instantly accessible (I was in it in my student days) but the gag still works. Did I spot the Nina? Of course not!
I found the anagrams quite tricky, but otherwise this wasn’t too hard, and fine clueing as ever,
COD 13d: Tory in coma after surgery – this? (10)

An enjoyable challenge from Nestor to end the working week. I solved in dribs and drabs, so hardย to judge difficulty, but perhaps easier than par for this setter.

COD? 13ac – ‘To reach side of road shortly one may be signalling (6)’.

An, as ever, very comprehensive blog from duncanshiell can be found here:

It’s Eimi, so you know it’s going to be a good one, with quite a few innovative clues. I spotted the Nina early enough that I had a fair idea what the letters in the perimeter might be, which always helps, but total time was still about par for the i, as 5d and 27ac held out for an age.

COD? The aforementioned 27ac – ‘Pale colour that a hunger striker might have? (7)’.

For more discussion about the crossword, and :

A very nice puzzle from Dac today, on the easier side I thought. Lots of clues I liked, so it’s a pity the editor didn’t pick up that 5ac needed amending. 17ac was also a lot more topical back in the day, but never mind.

COD? So many to pick from, but I’ll go for 23ac – ‘Doctor No’s remedy for speaking in boring way? (9)’.

Back to September 2010:

Progressive rock, eh? The only prog rock I was ever into was Marillion, and they don’t appear, though I did try and force them into 2d for an age. ๐Ÿ™‚ The penny dropped after Emerson and Lake appeared, at which point 4d could be little else. A quick Google search confirmed loads of others, some of which I’d heard of. King Crimson, Genesis, Gong, Yes, Camel, amongst others no doubt.

Challenging, with loads of questions at the end, but solvable with a bit of patience.

COD? 28d – ‘Peak reached by training in Sam’s chopper (4)’.

Lots more here: