i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1415 by Phi

August 30, 2015

Saturday 22nd August 2015

Phi as usual for a Saturday so tightly written, mostly very solvable clues.  Only really struggle was 18a – slighty ashamed to have put in ‘De Proquidus’ till I looked in the dictionary.  I only have a couple of dozen scraps of Latin in my head, Phi seems to use a couple of hundred phrases in his crosswords, so I’m getting used to feeling a bit dim by now.

Along with the fifteensquared comments here, I liked 21a and 12d.  The latter gets my COD.

12d  Hispanic subtitles for White House film (10)

Apologies for late blog, just back from Northumbria – highly recommended!

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  1. jonofwales said

    Thanks for the blog, and welcome back, glad you had a good break! 🙂

    Snap on 18a – Took me an age at the end, after a fairly uneventful solve to that point.

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