idothei is on holiday

August 24, 2015

Both myself and Cornick are away this week, so there won’t be any blog posts. Please feel free, though, to put links yourself to Fifteensquared in the comments. Happy solving! 🙂

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  1. phil said

  2. AndyT said


    “Astonishingly good” according to one commenter. Can’t say I was overwhelmed, but it was an entertaining enough puzzle.

  3. Bracoman said

    Finished it but, as usual, the theme passed me by.

  4. phil said


    I, like the blogger found some of this a bit tough. Got 4ac and 6d even though they were new to me and according to my old Chambers dictionary 22ac should be hyphenated.

  5. Bracoman said

    Much harder Dac than usual. Real struggle to finish it.

  6. AndyT said

    Rats. I didn’t buy it today.

  7. phil said


    Good offering from Quixote today. I couldn’t get 6D without help from dictionary and still can’t see where super fits in?

  8. AndyT said

    Surprised to see Quixote today, and it seemed a little more challenging than the usual Monday puzzle. The “super” part of 6d is “def” – something I’d come across before but in goodness knows what context. The Urban Dictionary confirms this and supplies an illustrative quotation which poses more questions than it answers. 😉

  9. phil said

    Thanks AndyT I get it now. We don’t do urban down here in Somerset 🙂

  10. AndyT said


    Witty, devious and thoroughly enjoyable, I thought.

  11. Bracoman said

    Liked 25ac – CHAIR. Very witty and misleading.

  12. jonofwales said

    Many thanks Phil and AndyT for posting links throughout the week! Normal service will be resumed from tomorrow. 🙂

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