A little harder than usual for Quixote, I thought. I failed at the end on 24ac – the channel was new to me, as was PILL = ‘boring person’, though it’s in the dictionary (as ‘dated’).

COD? 16ac – ‘Lark lands doctor behind bars, it seems (6)’.

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Saturday 11th July 2015

Phi on good form last week I thought.  Nice range of seldom used vocabulary to dredge up from the old memory banks whilst anything new, like the Amati violin in 7d, was very clearly clued in the wordplay.

Several clues in my copy of the paper now have ticks alongside them, amongst which was the innovative 22d:

Approach shots of excellence regularly repeated (6)

The 2010 blog is here.

A gentle end to the working week, and on the gentler side for Punk too. I got stuck for a while on 22/24 at the end, but the rest was pretty much steady progress.

COD? Well, it made me smile, and no, I hadn’t heard the joke before. 5d – ‘Radio entertainer speaks of naked clergy (8,7)’.

You can find the original prize puzzle blog here:


More than a little tricky today. When my first answer in was 16d I knew this was going to take a while, and I must admit to needing a little help along the way. Very rewarding to finish, though I had loads of questions at the end I needed Fifteensquared to answer.

COD? 5ac – ‘Is out forever after 6 15A (6)’.

Answers, explanations, and much much more here:


One or two harder clues dotted round the place made this a little trickier than usual, I thought. 15d and 16d in particular held me up for a while.

Lots of ticks by the clues, with honourable mentions going to 3d and 7d, but my COD goes to 19d – ‘At least forty, and succeeds in wooing… (6)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:


Albert and the Lion is our theme for today, by Marriott Edgar. New to me, but it didn’t get in the way of solving an enjoyable, reasonably challenging puzzle.

COD? 29ac – ‘One who’s been in the club before. It’s the second time with that lady (6)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:


A nice gentle start to the week, ideal for new and improving solvers.

COD? With 8ac a close second, 9d – ‘Llandudno’s one farming tenant? (10)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:


Saturday 4th July 2015

This puzzle was all nice & gentle for me – the usual good clueing and familiar tricks of the trade – until I hit the final NW corner and pretty much ground to a halt. For the last two, 9ac and 3d I must confess to running out of patience and turning to the fifteensquared answer page here. For shame!  Never mind, I shall tackle him again today without the distraction of Butcombe bitter!

COD probably is one of those two that beat me, 9ac:

Some Irishman to swing bottle at launch? (8)

As my interest in, and knowledge of football is somewhere near zero, it’s no surprise that I missed the Nina. But apparently a lot of people who took part in this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1966_FIFA_World_Cup_Final are included in the grid. 😉 As far as I was concerned, this was an enjoyable solve that challenged me just enough on a busy Friday.

COD? 4d – ‘Street game in squalid area that doesn’t begin for a long time (7)’.

For all the answers, and more…


Quite challenging as you expect from Tees, but always inventive and interesting to solve. Lots of questions at the end, but also lots of ticks by the clues.

COD? 1d – ‘Rhetoric WS implies? (5,5)’.

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