This is our first Nitsy in the i, I believe, and very good it was too. There were a few complaints over on Fifteensquared, but I thought it was fine. My second fastest time for the i, but that’s no bad thing – it’s nice to have a bit of balance with some of the harder setters.

COD? 1d – ‘Set meal (2,6)’.

Answers, analysis and more here:

Apart from 6d, I didn’t find this as difficult as some did back in 2010. Finish time par for a Wednesday.

Lots of lovely clues, but COD goes to 27ac – ‘”We offer salvation”: claim central to Sunday school (6)’.

August 2010 today back on Fifteensquared:

All the classical looking entries made me think there might be a theme, and indeed there was, but I’m afraid it was wasted on me, as I’d only vaguely heard of 1ac, never mind his works. All solvable without having to know this, thankfully, in slightly above par time for the i.

COD? 14ac – ‘Posh invited into meal chez Baby Spice, for example – that’s some picture! (6,2,6)’.

Back to July 2010 today:

A reasonably gentle start to the working week, with a few new words learnt as ever. I’m not convinced 19d really works, though I can see what he’s trying to do.

COD? 5d – ‘Care I not about stars who want the same old things? (13)’.

Answers and more to be found here:

Saturday 6th June 2015

I’ll bet a lot of people really enjoyed this one.  Nowhere near as challenging as the puzzles we typically get on a Thursday or Friday, but full of invention and style none the less.  I like the kind of ‘reverse clue’ we saw in 21a and 6d very much, and I’ll nominate the latter as COD:

6d.  Indication of the German spider? (7)

2010 blog from Fifteensquared here.

Events have conspired against me today, so I suspect I won’t have time to solve this puzzle. Here’s the 2010 blog, based on the few clues I’ve had a chance to look at.

Well, this was very good indeed. One or two clues that were a bit more topical back in the day, but luckily nothing that hadn’t lingered in the memory. I suspect, though, that Arnold Wesker never has been particularly topical. 🙂

COD? Loads I liked here, but I’m nominating 27ac – ‘Treat a dose of crabs, say? (7)’.

All the answers and more here:

Definitely harder than expected from Dac on a Wednesday, but impeccably and fairly clued as ever, so no complaints.

Lots of ticks by the clues as always, but my COD goes to 2d – ‘Found oneself in 15, perhaps, singing Christmas songs (10)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

A fun puzzle from Virgilius, which wasn’t exactly 16d or a 20ac, but rewarding to solve, as ever. Lots of invention shown in the pairings in the across clues.

COD? 13d – ‘Amend three times to shape difficult issues (3,8)’.

Here’s the June 2010 blog:

This was a real confidence booster after some of my travails last week, especially when 1/10/11 proved to be so accomodating. I don’t usually give my times, but as it was only 1 minute off nmsindy’s, and possibly an i personal best, I feel the need to tell all. 🙂

COD? 20ac – ‘Guides in Jersey etc. – nice or nasty? (8)’.

In case you’re stuck with any, the original blog from 2010 can be found here: