i Cryptic Crossword 1338 Quixote

May 25, 2015

Well, I’ve got one over on the Fifteensquared blogger, as I failed not only on 1d, but 17ac too, which was a new one to me. 🙂 The rest was our usual solid Monday Quixote.

COD? 25ac – ‘Play that could generate interest – and wealth (3,7,4).

Back to the summer of 2010:


4 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1338 Quixote”

  1. Bracoman said

    There is a virtually identical clue to 4d in today’s Guardian Quiptic.

  2. Moose said

    Never really got started

  3. AndyT said

    I guessed 1d correctly but was too lazy to confirm the variant spelling in the dictionary. Otherwise fine but not exactly plain sailing – a stiffer headwind than usual for Quixote today, I thought.

  4. dtw42 said

    I put in the right answer for 1d after a lot of head-scratching, and then without much enthusiasm since it’s alternative spelling I *have* heard about but never see used in real life and don’t much like. Was fine with 17ac but needed my GF to give me the answer to 13dn. [ahem] THAT sort of grass just never occurred to me 😛

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