i Prize Cryptic Crossword 1325 by Phi

May 16, 2015

Saturday 9th May 2015

Naturally my eye fell first upon the multiple clue starting with 12ac which finished ‘…in work by 28’. 28ac (alongside it on the page) started ‘Composer’.  Back to the enumeration of 12ac etc: 1,5,5,8,2,3,3,2,3,5 – which now had to be an opera or some such, but with a ridiculously long title, so more likely to be a musical, erm… ‘A funny thing…’ (etc)?  It fitted!  Add in ‘Stephen Sondheim’ and half the crossword done in about 5 seconds!  I was so shocked, I had to go and have a lie down!

Well the rest of it took quite a bit longer than that, but it was still rather easy by Indy standards.  On the other hand of course, when these super-long answers are impenetrable, they can cause a major log jam to the solver, so maybe (either way) I’m glad they don’t crop up too often.

COD?  Although I liked 10ac a lot, it has to be

5d:  2 not 1? It’s usually 3, 4 or 5 (3)

Original blog with all the answers here


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  1. jonofwales said

    It took me longer to remember the full title, but it did open up the grid very nicely!

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