Saturday 11th April 2015

Phi on good form last weekend.  Luckily I was sitting next to a Scot when I needed a musical instrument from the letters of ribchop in 20ac, but alas no-one was around to help me spell Eid in its longer form at 9ac, so the dictionary had to come to the rescue.    With 1d, and in common with the original blogger here (please click), I casually put in Madame (rather than Madama) Butterfly.   Oops!

COD: 23ac.  Stage performer I tossed in river! (9)

A reasonably challenging but accessible puzzle today. Last in 24d.

COD? 12ac – ‘A liberal among regressive fools? Not exactly! (6)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

The likes of 10ac, 14d and 19ac meant I found this a little harder than usual for Phi. Either that or it’s the shock of seeing him on a Thursday.

COD? 10ac – ‘Excellent, and largely smelly mayo (5)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

Quite a bit tougher than we’re used to on a Wednesday. I’ve never heard of 1ac before in either context, so failed miserably at the first. 🙂

COD? 14ac – ‘Beginning to talk with endless superior tone, I’m terribly ostentatious – really? (11,3)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

A 15d of a crossword from Virgilius, showing yet again how it should be done. The combination of 17d and 21ac caused me some problems at the end, but fairly plain sailing until that point.

COD? 10d – ‘Leader of train robbery who believes in higher power? (6)’.

Back to the start of June 2010 today:

A little chewier than usual for Quixote, but perfectly solvable for all that.

COD? 20ac – ‘Wonderful kindness that characterises Claude or Nora (1,5,2,4)’.

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Saturday 4th April 2015

A very gentle, user friendly crossword from Dac last Saturday – at least until the last one or two… I’ll wager I wasn’t the only one to have ‘Monegasque’ as my LOI.  Typically elegant clues with smooth surfaces; my COD going to 8d:  Waste a number of years in prison cell (7)

2010 blog is here:

Well, this was a good one from Punk, and also a lot easier than we’d expect from him. Lots and lots of lovely clues, my favourite being 16d – ‘Work underlining corruption in Africa creates justifiable apprehension (1,4,3)’.

Back to June 2010 on Fifteensquared:

Thought this was reasonably challenging, with a football Nina I missed.

COD? 16d – ‘Rocky climbing engineer almost vomits (8)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

More Wednesday goodness from Dac that, thankfully, is at the easier end of the scale as I’m still somewhat under the weather and capable of little more.

COD? 19ac – ‘Ken Turner becomes a swot (4)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog: