This was completed reasonably quickly, but often without full understanding of the wordplay, which meant that it wasn’t a particularly comfortable solve. 27ac was the last to fall, despite me thinking Vincent for Price within seconds.

COD? 16d – ‘Site offering neat curtains? (8)’.

Back to March 2010:

It took a while to get started – 21ac was my first answer in – but after that the grid fell rapidly, from the SE corner moving anticlockwise.

Loads of clues I liked, but my COD goes to 4a – ‘Comedian who’s French pin-up, nothing less (8)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

The readily apparent theme caused me to panic at first, as I have a blind spot when it comes to all things Irish, and in particular geographic ones. I’ve also tried twice to read 13ac’s magnum opus before giving up a few hundred pages in. Suffice it to say I was ill prepared to tackle this puzzle. As it turned out, I should have trusted Virgilius, as I got through this in a fairly quick time, only failing on 5d and 8ac.

COD? 27ac – ‘Teenager changing to non-alcoholic drink for today? (5,3)’.

Happy St Patrick’s Day, should you be celebrating. On this day back in 2010…

A nice mix of clues to start the week, nothing too difficult. The NE corner held out for longer than the rest, overall time on the easy side for the i.

COD? A toss up between 6d and 14ac, but I’ll go for the former because it took me longer to spot the wordplay. ‘Official who makes his brief appearance in macabre film (7)’.

Back to March 2010 today:

Saturday 7th March 2015

The second pangram on the bounce. Will there be another today, I wonder? Excellent clues as ever from Phi, with a couple of interesting neologisms at 6d and 10d. Apparently ‘Social Anxiety’ and ‘Dracula Sneeze’ were Words of the Year for 2009 in Australia and America respectively. It’s a curiosity that one has, it seems to me, become mainstream whilst the other has almost faded from memory.

COD 1ac: Farewell is characterised by thanks, mostly profuse thanks (5,2,5)

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A nice challenge to end what’s been, all in all, a pretty tough week in the i. This, though, was a lot more user friendly than some we’ve had the past few days. Loads of clues I liked, in particular 14ac and 13d, but my COD goes to 19ac – ‘Silver-mounted part behind a mask (4,6)’.

Back to May 2010, for our second reprint of an Independent Saturday prize puzzle. The editor is spoiling us this week. 😉

I must admit to finding this one tortuous to solve, but without any great enjoyment to make the effort worthwhile. Sorry, Punk! There’s a theme, there being lots of A’s in the answers, apparently…

COD? 6ac – ‘Greek hero gets a European ‘yes’ vote (4)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

Dac, yet again, shows how this should be done. Lovely puzzle, solidly clued as ever. Last in the new, to me, 5d.

COD? 1ac – ‘Modern poet’s un-English show of sentiment (6)’.

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Forget challenging, this was completely impenetrable. No definitions in any of the down answers, with no indication that this was the case, and pretty solid wordplay to go with it. For the first time ever I’ve abandoned an i puzzle. Sorry, Tees, but really disliked this.

Here’s the 2010 blog:

When I didn’t get any of the across answers on a first read through, and made my first entry at 3d, I figured this was probably going to be harder than average for Quixote. Luckily the rest of the down clues were as accommodating, opening up the grid nicely, for a time that was about par for the i. Lots of new words learnt as ever on a Monday, but the wordplay was friendly enough they shouldn’t have been impossible to fathom.

COD? 23ac – ‘Invites the pals around and remembers the good old days? (5,2,3,4)’.

Here’s the 2010 blog: