i Prize Cryptic 1259 by Phi

February 28, 2015

Saturday 21st February 2015

In which the wide vocabulary needed included Giacometti, ocarina, inamorata, ambrosial, prebendary, the Eroica, the Ebro, martini (in the sense of a rifle), Sussex spaniel (a new breed to me) and some Latin.  So if you took longer than nmsindy’s  13 minutes – as he tells us in the original blog – then you’re not alone; well done for finishing it at all!

COD:   24.  Place to eat in Times Square (4)                     – only because I liked its simplicity.

All the answers are here: http://www.fifteensquared.net/2010/04/30/independent-7344-by-phi/

And I’d like to put in a plug for a puzzle of mine that Klingsor (compiler of yesterday’s puzzle) has just put on his website here: http://www.alberichcrosswords.com/pages/maize3.html

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