i Prize Cryptic 1217 by Phi

January 10, 2015

Saturday 3rd January 2015

In which eight of the clues related to 4 across – MEATS – if you recall.

Very enjoyable as ever from Phi, but I was held up twice by unfamiliar abbreviations: ‘money’=  M in meats;  ‘spy group’= MI in ‘mishear’ (17d).  Both now seem to ring a bell, but they did remind me of how off-putting a lack of crosswording language can be for anyone new to it – just like any language I suppose…

COD: 2d What makes stone exist in two forms next to river? (5)

2010 blog here: http://www.fifteensquared.net/2010/03/05/independent-7296-by-phi/ in which some objected to 14d – but not me!


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