i Cryptic Crossword 1108 by Nestor

August 28, 2014

Nestor is only an occasional setter for the Independent, but a regular setter for the Times and co-editor of the Listener, Britain’s hardest series of crosswords featured in the Times on Saturdays.  I get the impression that our visiting setters adjust their styles somewhat when they set for the Indy, allowing themselves a bit more freedom to innovate and be, well, witty.

Something for everyone here, with several lovely ‘cryptic’ clues and definitions (26ac, 5d) and some clever innovation (14ac, 22ac, 4d) but my COD nomination, just pipping the saucy 10ac was the following:

8ac:     Whiter than white mutant obvious in space (5, 9)

The complete 2009 blog with all the answers is here.

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