i Cryptic Crossword 1092 by Phi

August 16, 2014

Saturday 9th August 2014

As soon as I got ‘Left of centre’ down the left-hand side almost at the beginning I guessed there’d be corresponding words top, bottom and to the right… not that it helped much!

The original blog is here and my COD was the pleasingly straightforward 1across:

Moved like a heavy sea round fish, one that’s extra powerful (12)

I really admire Phi for producing enjoyable, fair puzzles week in, week out, but the comparison between Phi’s clue for 24ac ‘example’ and  Morph’s clue on Thursday for the same word, shows, I think, why I enthuse so much about our ‘occasional’ setters:

Phi:           Former partner’s rather plump for instance (7)

Morph:  Slimmer of the year might be so described to others? (7)


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  1. Helen Johnson said

    Slimmer of the year= EXAMPLE (Ex+ ample)

  2. Cornick said


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