i Cryptic Crossword 1068 by Anax

July 18, 2014

Saturday 12th July 2014

We solvers at the i had our first taste of Anax a month ago, but for the mothership Independent paper this was his very first puzzle; a significant event because Anax is a significant setter, with experience at the Times, Sunday Times, FT and the Telegraph Toughie. 

In his biog here, he confesses to a process wherein he sometimes writes his clues, rewrites the weakest clue then, through a process of continuous reselection, keeps rewriting until his puzzles inevitably end up being somewhat fiendish.  They are that, but I find Anax somehow very likeable so forgive him entirely, even though this one did take me into Sunday to finish!

The original 2009 blog here makes for excellent reading.

I have selected two clues for COD status – one anagram and one ‘bits & bobs’ type.  Take your pick!

3d     By changing centre “tip” becomes “tap” (9)

21d   One railroad only heads to centre of Santa Fe (4)

Incidentally, Anax has contributed several crosswords to Alberich’s website ‘Free Crosswords Online’; his first one here (as well as being quite a bit easier than last Saturday’s) is a beauty!

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  1. jonofwales said

    This was good, wasn’t it? I solved in dribs and drabs throughout Saturday, putting it to one side for a bit whenever I got stuck. A v nice solve!

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