i Cryptic Crossword 1056 by Phi

July 5, 2014

Saturday 28th June 2014
After two that were frankly too difficult for me on Thursday and Friday from Mordred and Monk, it’s nice to be reminded of Phi’s crossword from last Saturday. For me Phi treads the line just right between easy predictability on the one hand and difficult innovation on the other. For whom, I wonder, are the super-hard crosswords we occasionally get actually meant? On second thoughts, you don’t have to answer that…!
1056, then, despite having several ‘new’ words (obloquy only came in at sixth most obscure) was a very enjoyable solve. No especially outstanding clues, but the two cryptic style clues at 7d and 13d were both very fine; the latter gets my COD:
Volume governed by volume control? (9)

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