i Cryptic Crossword 1053 Dac

June 25, 2014

A definite game of two halves. The RHS fell in minutes, making me think we were in for an easy time. The rest took much longer, and I resorted to aids in the interests of getting a blog out today.

COD? 19d – ‘Form of punishment that’s old, in a sense (5)’.

The 2009 blog is complete.



3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 1053 Dac”

  1. dtw42 said

    Same here. Some of the definitions were a bit dodgy in my opinion.

  2. Too true, filled the right hand side but only with some help (rechabites? ley? Paradisal is bad enough). LHS empty & no wonder “quosimodo”= low sunday?, KHAMSIN ? Woburn – where’s the reverse indicator? 8ac Should be Springsteen appeared in group’s record briefly, Smell is a sense, nose is an organ! Poor setting IMHO, but expect DAC knows more than me!

  3. jonofwales said

    I agree on the obscurities, though to be fair to DAC ‘recurrent’ marks the reversal in 22ac. I’m not sure what difference your version of 8ac makes, surely both are valid? Several dictionaries have nose as a synonym for the sense of smell, though it came as a surprise to me as well.

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