i Cryptic Crossword 1044 by Phi

June 21, 2014


Saturday 14th June 2014


A particularly enjoyable puzzle from Phi last Saturday, I seem to remember.  I hope JonofWales gets to enjoy these weekend crosswords – it must be something of a scramble to get weekday puzzles finished and blogged by lunch time…  On the other hand, the problem with blogging the Saturday puzzle is that, if you leave it till the end of the week to write your blog, the paper might have been used for lining the bottom of the parrot’s cage or something – which has happened again this week in this household, despite our not owning a parrot.


Never the less I can tell you that the fifteensquared blog from 2009 is complete and that it’s here, and furthermore that I remember liking the clue for 20ac, to which the answer was ‘exercise bicycle’.


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  1. jonofwales said

    It does, it must be said, make a pleasant difference to be able to do one at my leisure. 🙂

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