i Cryptic Crossword 1026 Dac

May 31, 2014

Saturday May 24th 2014

Dac at his elegant best last Saturday; definitely on the easier side of things, but loads of ticks and double ticks by the clues.  My COD goes to 25ac:          

One who’s spoken to doctor dreads visit (9).

Click here to see all the answers and parsing in the original blog from 2009. 

And, with kind permission from JonofWales who runs this site, I’d like to point you towards three crossword puzzle of my own devising that I’ve put on the free website BestCrosswords.com.  Click here  to have a go at a recent puzzle which is definitely easy by Indy standards. Click here  or click here for something a bit more like a Quixote/ Dac level of difficulty.

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