i Cryptic Crossword 1002 by Phi

May 3, 2014


Saturday 26th April 2014

Maybe I was just in a good mood last weekend because, under my system of annotating clues, Phi got 9 ticks, 6 double ticks, an exclamation mark for 26d (normally it’s only Punk who gets those), no question marks and no unsmiley faces.  I also distinctly remember laughing out loud at least twice, so maybe yes, I was feeling uncommonly jolly.

Of those six I really liked (9ac, 11ac, 21ac, 25ac, 14d and 19d) my favourite was probably 21across:

The answer has one letter moved – in triplicate? (5,3)

Looking at the old blog (click here) all points are covered; or at least they should be now that I’ve my little contribution – response no.9 – at the bottom…



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