i Cryptic Crossword 923 Bannsider

January 24, 2014

It’s looking like I won’t have time to solve all this today, but here’s a link to the 2009 puzzle. Free feel to nominate a COD. 🙂


Edited to say:

Well, I did get to finish it, and it was a bit of a stinker! Much better suited to a weekend puzzle than a Friday when solvers haven’t necessarily got access to a dictionary to lookup 24ac, 8ac, or 4d for example. 14ac seems to be missing from the old blog. I think it’s TAT for ‘dross’, with ‘I’m obliged’ as TA TO? Wouldn’t swear to it though.

COD? 12ac – ‘Son, before cold shower, game for a night on the tiles (8)’.

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