i Cryptic Crossword 869 Morph

November 21, 2013

I always enjoy a Morph puzzle, and this one was no exception! I must admit, though, to having to google Prufrock to solve 19ac, having never heard of the poem, or the food for that matter.

COD? With honours to 17ac, 27ac, 16d, and 21d, I’m nominating 24d which, while straightforward, is very nicely done. ‘Housemistress’s residence? (4)’.

The 2008 blog is complete, though I’m still not sure why there’s a DROME in 12d…


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  1. Lovely puzzle, though it pretty much solved itself – it was all finished long before the soup noodles I was eating for lunch. My runaway favourites were the two Sarah Palin clues, especially 12d, which fancifully suggests a ‘Palin-drome’ as some kind of Palin-specific aerodrome. The other one, 16d, was my last one in. Lucky the crossword editor remembered to reprint the crossword in the right week of the year.

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