i Cryptic Crossword 861 Virgilius

November 12, 2013

More goodness from Virgilius, with a few clues that took me a while to untangle. COD? I did like the definition in 23ac – ‘Single person having a row’, but have gone for 12ac. ‘Metal briefly found in front of VW (7)’.

All the answers are explained in the blog and comments for the 2008 blog.


3 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 861 Virgilius”

  1. imagcq said

    Hello Jon,interesting puzzle!

    There are 3 clues omitted from the original thread,only one is explained in the blog.

    19d Like poor service perhaps not included (5/3) Ruled out

    25a not in the blog / As way to keep hands warm,a failure (4) MUFF to muff up is to fail.

    28a not in the blog / Notes for all the players showing final result (4/5) FULL SCORE self explanatory

    The Blog is now complete with all the answers.

    Live well, Love a lot, and Laugh often.

    Cheers all !

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