i Cryptic Crossword 851 Math

October 31, 2013

The grid screamed out Nina, and it didn’t take long to spot the message appearing around the edge. This speeded up things considerably. 🙂 For the most part fairly straightforward, and lots of lovely clues. Helpfully, Fifteensquared have omitted the few clues I did struggle with, if anyone can help.

COD? 13ac. ‘Bound to have a row after father took refusal the wrong way (8)’.

Here’s a link to the 2008 blog, and clues missed.


15 L.A.S – Not sure of this one, if anyone can help? Leads? Leaks? Why?
23 FAWN – I can see where the NW comes from (new wife), but don’t understand the FA bit.


8 LARGE – (regal)*
20 aTRAPS <-


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  1. Bracoman said

    Re 15ac, LEAD used to be used by plumbers. Now it is being removd.

  2. Apropos of FAWN… would the FA be as in ‘sweet FA’?

  3. Mike Fairclough said

    Leads refers to the lead in a plumb bob, used to define a vertical line in the building trade ….. And to lead , to be in the van(guard)

  4. Rutherford M said

    Not sure if 13a is still niggling anyone? I doubt it. Nevertheless (and risking accusations of STBO*) I present the following: ‘frontier’ as in: row = tier, coming after fr = father + on = refusal wrong way; so I’m guessing it’s a verb thing? e.g; to bound an area = to frontier it? Well, anyway, I fear I may be talking to myself. I’m quite new here, you see… Hello!

    *Actually, no – I won’t insult your intelligence(s) twice in one post. I’m sure this doesn’t need spelling out (and certainly not if ‘flowery twats’ rings a bell).

    Cheerio, chums!

    M Rutherford

  5. Rutherford M said

    Oops – I almost forgot: Jono of Wales, may I Q you?
    Re Nina/screaming/etc; I can see several whole NINAs + bits and pieces scattered around, but try as I might I can’t see a message. Even so, I did eventually manage to complete this crossword but it took me far too long (I’m like a dog with a bone!), so if you could point me at what I’m currently missing – plus give a quick ‘talk through’ too, if you wouldn’t mind? – I’d be very grateful. I really want to cut my completion times down – but that won’t happen if I’m overlooking additional big screaming clues when they’re under my very nose!
    Many thanks to you, JoW.

    M Rutherford (Miss) x

  6. Rutherford M said

    UPDATE: Sorry – cancel previous request. Just spotted your link, Jono, dear. But bleeaargh! – what a horrid, befuddling ‘clue-cum-confuse-u-more’ thing it was. Well done you for seeing it and having the nous to make use of it. Stuff like that’s of no Earthly good to me though – “too many notes, Mozart” (LoL, etc)!

    Megs x

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