26th to 30th August

August 26, 2013

There will be no blogs during this period, sorry, due to holiday. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves in the comments, or post your own links…

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  1. Cornick said

    Well I thought this was a bit hard for the Don on a Monday, and I wrongly put in Nepalese as a guess on 16d because I couldn’t parse Lebanese. Apparantly banes means poisons. Heigh-ho.
    Some nice anagrams, but my COD goes to 9d:
    Motivated person, the sort to take over from a crank? (4-7).
    Fifteensquared is complete: http://www.fifteensquared.net/2008/08/28/independent-on-sunday-967-by-quixote-24-aug-2008/

  2. imagcq said


    Here is todays complete blog for anyone interested,i will add nothing more to the sufficient explanation already given.Cheers

  3. 1 Lima Bean (anagram)
    5 Dim Sum
    10 Middle Age Spread
    11 Emile Zola (Oz being Australia)
    12 Combs (as in long combs – combinations old underwear)
    13 Phrase As in “Frays”
    15 Epitome
    17 Iceland
    19 Beeton
    21 Apple
    22 Mis in form (as in Miss in form)
    23 The end of the line
    25 Ris(k) ing
    26 Nameless

    1) Lumber (Large Umber)
    2) Midnight Express
    3 Belle (B+elle)
    4 Ab alone
    6 Imp active
    7 Steam locomotive (anagram)
    8 Modistes
    9 Debate
    14 Agamemnon (anagram)
    16 Disaster
    18 Dam + son
    19 Bush tea
    20 Amiens
    23 Niece

    (Took me all day – on and off! I call that value for money.)

  4. imagcq said


    Here is the original thread with wordplay.

    Dereck has provided the missing answers to the original thread.

  5. imagcq said

    Sorry derek i need to amend your answer at 17a I dash into road in the country is actually Ireland.

    I (R)ELAN(D) dash =elan inside RD for road

  6. Cornick said

    Have to comment on any mistakes, don’t we? Our beloved and very cheap ‘i’ have attributed today’s wonderful puzzle by Dac to yesterday’s compiler Radian. Well I liked his too, but credit where it’s due…

  7. imagcq said

    13a SETTING is the only answer missing from the original blog,which is here. http://www.fifteensquared.net/2008/10/02/independent-6853-by-punk/
    My C.O.D was11a Gold in rainbow,song in tree=Ar (au) c aria.

  8. Cornick said

    Fifteen Squared is complete: http://www.fifteensquared.net/2008/09/29/independent-6850-by-math/
    But for the unnecessary exclamation mark at the end, my COD might have been 17d. However it was there so instead I nominate 24a: I’m not one to dream about top celebs’ = RE A-LIST.

    Five consistently good crosswords this week, I thought – I hope you got to see them JonofWales.

  9. imagcq said

    Here is last weeks prize offering,from fifteen squared.


    I cant remember if this thread is complete having discarded the paper,it was fairly straight forward as i recall,with a little something for everyone.

    As stated i am not sure if this is complete so please feel free to add anything that may be missing.

    Jon summers i hope you are well and enjoyed your break i took the liberty of posting for you,just in case you have been delayed.

    3d Isthmus was the one that stumped me,very easy definition once solved but if like me you were not familiar with the word then a little tricky.

    Hope you all enjoy your weekend cheers all.

  10. jonofwales said

    Many many thanks Cornick, imagcq and Derek for all your sterling work this week! I’m genuinely touched you all took the trouble to keep the blog going this week when we were rather stuck.

    If you’d like to help out in the future, or act as subs, I’d be only too pleased to have you all on board. Please let me know!

    I’m still feeling a bit frazzled after a 172 mile drive back from Cornwall, so will retire with a drink.

    Thanks again,


    • Cornick said

      Hi Jon
      It occurs to me a) that you are doing a great service on our behalf each day and b) that perhaps I could help by posting the Saturday blog each week – which would give me enough time to work out the answers – arf!
      If you’d like me to, then please let me know how to join in as a blogger. Nick, ncorney@tiscali.co.uk

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