i Cryptic Crossword 772 Dac

July 31, 2013

A mostly very easy excursion from Dac, though not having heard of Alan Ladd held me up for the last couple of clues the SE corner. I couldn’t make sense of 1d, which appears to require ‘handgrip’ to mean ‘bag’. Chambers doesn’t support this, but according to a comment by Eimi himself on the original blog, here, Collins and the Concise Oxford do.

Clue of the day is 27a: “Top male in a bit of a sweat (6)”. Lights not previously blogged below.


13. EWERS: brEWER Systematically.
25. HAVANA: H + A VAN + A.
27. BEHEAD: HE in BEAD. The definition is “top”, of course.

8. GREASE: d.d., alluding to the film.
23. IRATE: I + RATE.

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