i Cryptic Crossword 764 Radian

July 22, 2013

I found this a real slog, perhaps because I know nothing at all about the theme. Perhaps I should go further, and admit my loathing of golf? 🙂

COD? 23ac. ‘Ballesteros dumps lousy stereos for dance (4)’.

Here’s a link to the 2008 blog, and clues missed.


28 ROsemARY – Where the SEM I think is short for Semester. A Rosary is made up of decades.

No it’s not. See comments. It’s ROSemARY


6 P(A US)E
15 INGENIOUS – I + (using one)*
16 Hidden in both EuROPEan and Saint-OmeR OPEns.
24 spARKLE – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkle


8 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 764 Radian”

  1. George Clements said

    In 19a, the ‘space’ is the printing term ’em’, which is removed from Rosemary to give the solution ‘rosary’ as you correctly show.

  2. George Clements said

    Oops, sorry, should be 28a.

  3. Nick said

    I guess it helps if you like golf although 23a is simply BALL. ESTEROS anagram of STEREOS is ignored – nothing to. do with Golf. I guess 1 down is LEADER can anyone see where ‘scores picked up’ comes into it?

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