i Cryptic Crossword 744 Nestor

June 28, 2013

A gentle puzzle, with a couple of obscure entries softened by easy clues, as at 6d. The original blog is here.


10. ELDER: (w)ELDER.
13. ASIA: AS + IA.
15. EDIBLE: {I BLEED}. An entertaining if tortuous reference to Merchant of Venice.
22. EELY: tElEpLaY.
23. BLUE PENCIL: BLUE + PENCIL. A trifle weak, this.
27. CORPS: R in COPS.
28. NOT A HAPPY BUNNY: a sort of e.d.


7. BUCKS FIZZ: d.d. One of the rare groups to have won Eurovision who didn’t sink into utter obscurity.
25. ARCH: d.d.

5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 744 Nestor”

  1. jonofwales said

    Yes, a lot easier than I thought it’d be when I saw the setter’s name, and possible the best puzzle this week.

  2. Cornick said

    All very lovely till I hit a brick wall on 21d, Hendry. In my defence, is the setter really allowed to capitalise ‘potter’ here? (I know typical sour grapes from someone who neither knew that an are was a unit of measure nor could they work out the wordplay!)

    • I agree that this one was quite tortuous, though in a mostly easy crossword I don’t think one can complain. On the capital, to quote the master:

      May one use a capital, where it isn’t necessary, in order to deceive? May one abolish one, where it is, stricktly speaking, needed, in order to deceive? My answer to the first question is: Yes, at a pinch; but try, if you can, to put the word first in the clue or after a full stop in the course of it. My answer to the second is: No!

      (Ximenes, On the art of the crossword.)

      The are is a crossword-setters’ favourite – better known by the group of 100 or hectare.

  3. Cornick said

    Thank you Writinghawk. i find myself tempted to buy a second book on crosswords – so far I only have ‘Monkey puzzles’ so Ximenes’ classic book would be a welcome addition. Amazon here I come…

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