i Cryptic Crossword 737 Glow-Worm

June 20, 2013

Another tough Thursday, I wonder if we’re beginning to fall into the same pattern as the Independent? One or two I didn’t fully understand, which were cleared up by the (complete) 2008 blog. Quite a few I liked here, notably 19ac and 5d, but my COD is the quite neat 22d. ‘Cheats females (4)’.


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  1. Cornick said

    Although I was puzzling over this all afternoon (while doing some plastering) I really enjoyed it and found it easier than yesterday’s, with which I struggled miserably.
    And yet you & the fifteenquared bloggers found today’s offering relatively tough, apparently.
    All of which makes me wonder whether Glow-worm’s heavy use of original(?) ideas and cryptic definitions mightn’t be a bit of a leveller for those of us newbies who fail to ‘get’ all the conventions with which the more experienced solvers are familiar…
    Or maybe plastering’s just a good accompaniment to doing crosswords!

    • jonofwales said

      You could well be right. It’s also the case that sometimes you just get on with different setters. I always used to struggle with Quixote, for example, even though he’s usually thought of as being at the easier end of the scale.

      Hope the plastering’s going well!

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