i Cryptic Crossword 690 Nestor

April 26, 2013

The 2008 blog, here, covers all but three of today’s clues. Unfortunately two of those are the ones I was hoping it would clear up for me; I hope I’m missing something. No very outstanding clues but I’ll nominate ‘Blur former line crossed by a storehouse (6)’ as COTD for the neat misdirection.


25. Seems to be NEMO, which means ‘no-one’ and is of course the name of the central character in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, though the clue seems a bit woolly, unless I’ve missed something.


5. HANDOVER: I’m missing something here as well. Why does HAND mean HANG?

5 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 690 Nestor”

  1. jonofwales said

    25ac is ZERO. Z and hERO (HERO faceless). Definition = nobody.

    5d is H(AND)OVER, with HOVER for ‘hang’, about AND for with.

    My COD was 13ac, one of several that made me smile.

    Was it a panagram? Must have been close?

    • Cornick said

      Yup, all 26 letters there – whether deliberately or not…
      I fell for the misdirection of ‘Blur former’ right up until I was just turning on this machine to find out if ‘blearn’ was an obscure word for ‘blur’! The Elvis gag appealed to me too, as did the other homophonous one: Age-axe. However, I don’t think ‘difficult getaway’ is much of a definition for ‘narrow squeak’.

      • Cornick said

        Oh, I see what you mean jonofwales – 26 clues; Araucaria style. Not quite. BKLPVW missing, AA NO USE the superfluous letters – make of that what you will!

    • Ah, thanks, ZERO makes more sense though I’m not sure about ‘faceless’. And, ah, handover – clues with bits removed are always hard!

  2. jonofwales said

    I always go on panagram alert as soon as I spot QZV, etc. Next time maybe!

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