i Cryptic Crossword 666 Eimi

March 29, 2013

An enjoyable seasonal crossword from Eimi, first seen on Good Friday 2008, reasonably gentle given even a modicum of relevant erudition. The old blog is here. Like the blogger then, I didn’t know the American hymn at 18 but it was easy to infer. (Unlike that blogger I had no trouble finding the answer to 25a in Chambers.)

All the clues were covered in the original blog so there is little to add. Clue of the day is perhaps the nice thematic anagram at 28a: ‘Important day in diary of God, possibly (4,6)’. 20dn is also worth a mention: ‘Offering poor definition, clue ran contrary to expectation (7)’. No such nasty surprises awaited solvers today – though ‘performers’ as an anagram indicator in 3d is a trifle on the duff side.

Amusing coincidence in the counter-thematically diabolical number of today’s puzzle.

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  1. jonofwales said

    I spotted the theme straight off today, so made swift work of it. 🙂 I’m surprised so few people knew the hymn, it’s one I’ve sung quite a lot.

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