i Cryptic Crossword 640 Dac

February 27, 2013

Nothing too difficult from Dac today, though a few that needed checking, notably 10ac and 20d. COD 27ac, with 16d a close runner up – ‘Such as Temperance Seven, it would seem: a bit groovy at first (6)’. As ever, the old Fifteensquared blog and clues missed.


4 SPINNING – Double Def.
25 RE(US)ED – The film director is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carol_Reed


12 HARRIS TWEED – (Wear this red)*
23 ONSET – (Notes)*


2 Responses to “i Cryptic Crossword 640 Dac”

  1. LP said

    I got stuck trying to justify UNWEDDED in 16d, I had forgotten this setter’s fondness for letter exchanges, which I have not much come across in my previous (mainly Garudain) experience.

  2. Yes some nice surfaces, but your favourite clues were my least favourite. 27ac had too much random guff – ‘Temperance’ turned out to have nothing to do with the answer, and neither did ‘it would seem’. In 16d I think it terribly lazy to for the wordplay to lead to .NTENDED and give no clue to the missing letter. The wordplay should cover every letter one way or another.

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