576 Monk

December 13, 2012

One that definitely needed more thought and patience than I had following a school Christmas concert and large meal to follow. 🙂 Got there in the end, with some pause for thought on 27ac. Bit of a thing about DRAWs in this one too, with a nice reuse of a clue in 13ac and 20d. COD 10ac for its clever play on what is a bit of a crossword cliché  ‘Called once more to see how one is after facelift? (9)’.

Here’s the Fifteensquared blog, plus the ones missed.


1 COCK – Double Def.
10 REDIALLED – Cryptic Def.
29 ADZE – A soundalike, that luckily I’ve come across before.


24 R(AC)ED


2 Responses to “576 Monk”

  1. LP said

    Had to look up “porgy” and “scup” for 25 down though!

    • jonofwales said

      I did too, still being slightly suspicious of my ability to get unknown words from the wordplay element only.

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