563 Dac

November 28, 2012

More goodness from Dac, with only 21d giving me any real grief. COD 28ac – ‘Writer, one erasing page about me.’ Again, a link to the old Fifteensquared blog, plus the ones missed.


1 HEAD OFF – Cryptic def.
15 P(AIR)
17 Hidden in reseARCHer
26 GERALDINE – (re-dealing)*
29 A IR PLAY – Doh, A U RALLY – see comments.


2 A(IR)MAIL (sounds like MALE)
5 DrOwSiEr
6 BLOWER – Double def.
14 CHAMP A GNE (ENG raised)
18 CALORIE (coal ire)*
24 TUN NewlY


6 Responses to “563 Dac”

  1. LP said

    29 a u rally

    • jonofwales said

      The answer does sound more likely, but can’t remember the clue for the life of me, and I’ve recycled the paper. Can you remind me please?

  2. LP said

    also 8: sanhedrin is a Jewish court

    • jonofwales said

      Yes, not made entirely clear over on Fifteensquared. Probably most famous these days for the part it played in the passion story.

  3. LP said

    Clue for 29 was something like “How speaker’s words are received in a unionist meeting”

    I was stuck on 28, having tried “scally” in 21 down, a bit too literal really! Eccles is pretty obvious, though!


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