517 Math

October 5, 2012

Quite an easy puzzle, from August 2007 when the theme was topical – a trifle dated now.

Like other solvers I couldn’t see the wordplay for 28a ‘Like black French coffee (5)’, where the answer was clearly BEANS. As someone pointed out they are just three types of bean; the clue is not quite right, but never mind. I knew the answer was right bcause of 8d: ‘Like 28 and Heinz according to old adverts’. Otherwise I’d have had a bit trouble because of a curious and unusual feature of 23d: ‘Wipe out credit in advance (5)’. The answer, SCRUB (CR in SUB) is fairly straightforward, but I got to SCRAP first. To scrap is also to wipe out and a SAP is ‘a trench by which an approach is made towards a hostile position’, a totally different kind of advance.

515 Dac

October 3, 2012

A bit trickier than the usual Dac, as noted by the original blogger, with one – 13ac – I haven’t managed to get yet. Typically, it’s not noted in the original blog…


514 Virgilius

October 2, 2012

More good stuff from Virgilius, with a theme that only became clear after a good deal of the grid had been filled! Very clever!


513 Quixote

October 1, 2012

Interestingly, the few I struggled with this are amongst the few clues covered in the original Fifteensquared blog, so I guess my own experience of a fairly easy ride with a few to try you at the end was fairly common? COD 5d, with its very well hidden anagram! (Countryman is OK wandering round plains? Certainly not! 5,9)