Mea culpa and a call for volunteers

September 24, 2012

Oh dear! I was away last week and in the mad rush forgot to ask anyone to cover Friday’s crossword.

I’m actually going away in mid-October for a couple of months, so if anyone would like to take on some crosswords then they’d be welcome! jonofwales and flashling may be happy for some relief sometimes too. Any takers?

4 Responses to “Mea culpa and a call for volunteers”

  1. jonofwales said

    Let me know what weeks you’ll be away, but any further volunteers always welcome! 🙂

    On a side note, I couldn’t find an old Fifteensquared blog for last Saturday’s prize puzzle. Not sure if it’s a new one, or a very old one, or if Google has just failed me?

  2. flashling said

    Oops, getting forgetful. which one was that Jon, 500 or 506?

  3. jonofwales said


  4. flashling said

    506 is still live for entries, it’s not easy to find this one, I’ve completed it and will post the full blog later

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