487 Monk

August 31, 2012

To find the original blog for this puzzle, as usual, I googled 15^2 for a likely looking light, choosing SHAVUOT (27ac). You can do the same search and find that the word is a bit of a speciality of Monk’s. Anyway, a hard but enjoyable puzzle – after my first pass through the across clues I only had one light in, but the down clues proved more amenable and the whole puzzle fell slowly but surely. I had to guess at the existence of the Scottish rock band at 8d, but the crossing letters made it fairly clear. I was glad the original blog covered 17ac, another clue I could fill in but for which I didn’t have the relevant piece of knowledge to follow the wordplay. (The straight reading is this novel by Mrs Gaskell.) 17ac also reveals a bit of a hidden theme.

The clues the original blogger didn’t cover:


13. NET: NeEd To.
21. MARK MY WORDS: d.d.
23. POT: <TOP.
28. SUN-UP: d.d.


1. NELSON: d.d.
7. NEBULA: {BLUE} in NA (Na = sodium).
8. NAZARETH: d.d., Nazareth being thisScottish rock band.
22. REIGNS: “reins”.
26. OOPS: (l)OOPS.

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  1. jonofwales said

    I got lucky, solving North and South fairly sharpish after which I went looking for a theme. The groups of S’s and N’s were hint enough to pencil in the rest and complete a fair chunk of the grid in no time. Not sure how quick I would have been without that help though.

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